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A little about North Point.

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Accounting can be taxing… we’ll help make it easier.

We’re an experienced and forward-thinking accounting firm. We listen first – before offering smart and practical advice. We look beyond the numbers to understand your story and how we can add value to your tax situation (like finding ways for you to legally pay the least amount of tax possible!). Formerly Curtis Zimmermann,  North Point CPAs LLP has grown along with our clients. Our success in offering real world business and accounting advice has allowed our business to expand, and our base of successful clients to grow. We’d like to extend the same opportunities to you and your business.  North Point LLP’s clients  with our guidance and smart, strategic planning  are able to easily see through complexity, create a plan, and move forward confidently with their business and personal tax planning goals.

Our Services.

We're here to meet all of your accounting needs.
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If you're running a professional services firm, we can simplify your day to day needs, and help improve your cash flow.

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Our services for Professionals include:

  • Reviewing the pros and cons of operating through a corporation
  • Completing corporate and personal tax returns and preparing annual financial statements
  • Preparing T3, T4 and T5 documents, commodity and excise taxes (GST/PST)
  • Assisting with CRA audits, objections and appeals
  • Assisting with bookkeeping and payroll, and providing bookkeeping training and software setup support for your team

We can also support your business with:

  • Cash flow budgeting, overhead management and analyzing key performance indicators for professional services
  • Reviewing investment decisions and insurance planning
  • Planning for partner admissions, withdrawals retirements, and succession
  • Estate planning services
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Building your own business means understanding the financial and taxation options that work for you. We can help simplify decisions.

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Our services for Businesses include:

  • Preparing annual Reviewed or Notice to Reader financial statements
  • Completing T2 tax returns or any other required returns (T3, T4, T5, GST/PST, EHT, etc)
  • Assisting with CRA audits, objections and appeals
  • Planning for incorporation, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Assisting with bookkeeping and payroll, and providing bookkeeping training and software setup support for your team

We can also expertly assist you with with:

  • Cash flow budgeting, overhead management and analyzing key performance indicators for professional services
  • Consulting on cash flow maximization to shareholders and developing share structures
  • Transaction and valuation advisories
  • Planning for business sales, retirements, and succession
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Individuals & Families

No matter what your individual or family net worth, we can help you achieve your future goals.

We can help with both Canadian and non-Canadian residents (including US residents) with their personal tax returns and any CRA audits, objections or appeals.

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Our Individual and Family services include:

  • Personal tax planning for individuals and families in Canada
  • Completing non-resident tax returns
  • Preparing tax elections and voluntary disclosures
  • Preparing clearance certificates for non-residents
  • Completing CRA audits, objections and appeals

Additionally, we can provide you help with:

  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Investment tax planning
  • Rental property tax planning
  • Immigration / Emigration planning




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Buying, Selling or Starting a Business

In creating a new business or cashing out your assets, it’s important to have all of the details covered. We can assess future streams of income so that you know you’re making the right deal.

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Our Business services include:

  • Assessing and preparing financial reports
  • Computing depreciation and valuing inventories
  • Examining assets and services required by the business
  • Evaluating capital sources, debts, and securities
  • Advice on calculating a fair purchase or sale price
  • Due diligence services on business to be purchased

We can also expertly assist you with:

  • Risk management planning for transfer of assets
  • Advice to sellers on sale of asset versus sale of share decisions
  • Assistance with post closing and transition matters
  • Structuring debt and equity financing
  • Cash flow benchmarking, overhead management and analyzing key performance indicators for growth
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The Partners.

Meet the partners that make North Point CPAs LLP work.

With over 50 years combined experience; Brad Curtis, Jose Enage, Pete Grammatikos and Dan Zimmermann have all the experience you’ll need when it comes to Tax Planning for your Business. 

Their professionalism and dedication to providing experienced and forward-thinking solutions for you and your business is their top priority. North Point offers a wide-range of tax specializations; including corporate reorganizations, restructurings, owner-managed corporations and professionals. 

The Team.

North Point LLP wouldn’t work without the amazing team. Our team is a group of friendly, smart, and dedicated tax professionals who strive to deliver the best results that are to your benefit.

North Point LLP Team

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